Smile Direct Club Review (Formerly Smile Care Club): #1 Set of Aligners

This may be the last update for awhile guys.

Yesterday I received my first 10 sets of aligners. I had the starter set in and switched to my first aligner. I will switch these out every 3 weeks until I am on the 10th one. After that we will do another photo assessment to make sure everything is moving correctly before they ship my final 10.

Having the new set in now hurts a little bit. It feels more snug and does more of a snap on thing since theyre new. Over the next couple of days they will get more comfortable and a tad looser.

Anyways, I will probably wait to update until I see a noticeable change or finish these 10. Stay tuned!20150824_144804**UPDATE: 9/27/17 Now Smile Direct Club**