Letter to Mom

Dear Mom
Just read this and think about it. I would prefer you to just keep it to yourself for a couple of days so you have some time to marinate on it without influence.

I just really pray that one day we could move past everything. I have apologized for hurting you and I just want you to accept that and allow us to move forward. I’m still your daughter and no matter what you try, you couldn’t possibly successfully forget me. We have a bond that we don’t share with anyone else. You know that you and I had a special relationship.
It’s never okay to hurt you. People make mistakes, especially teenagers. Teenagers don’t think about the future or the consequences they just want to do what benefits them in the moment. That’s what I need you to understand. Never did I ever do anything with the intent of hurting you or betraying you. I love you, you’re my mother, I could never do that.

I will keep this short. I just want a relationship with you because there are so many things in my life that my mother should be sharing with me. I know you miss that too. Mom, I know that you are trying to keep peace with your husband and in your home, but do you truly feel like this estranged relationship is the right decision? How do you truly feel? Is this what you want in your heart, or is it for someone else?

I would like to meet you one weekend in Greensboro for lunch if you’re free. You can call me, text me or email me. If you want nothing to do with me I want to hear it from you. All I’ve spoken to this entire time is dad. I want to hear your side and your feelings too. I love you and we both deserve our relationship together.

Let me know what you think or if you would like to have lunch one day.

I wrote this to my mom today…im mailing it tomorrow. …