Smile Direct Club Review (formerly: Smile Care Club): Straighten Teeth at Home – Next to Last

Hello Everyone!

As some of you know, it has been about a year since my original post when I got started with Smile Direct Club, the at home aligner system for straighter teeth! It is a much more inexpensive alternative to the product Invisalign, though the same concept.

At first when I began I was a little apprehensive. I love teeth, I have had metal braces before but lost my retainer and my teeth shifted back over time. While I was looking at Invisalign, I do not have thousands of dollars lying around to shell out just to straighten my teeth!!

I found Smile DirectClub and through lots of research, I decided to try them. I was in need of a longer program and was assigned 20 different trays. Well, now I am on my 19th tray! I thought I would share some before pictures and some nows with you as I am back in school and the next 2 semesters are very busy. By the time I finish my treatment, I may forget to write!! Oh how awful!



Let’s start with the befores. This was after my teeth had shifted back and were crowding and pushing each other and before my journey with Smile Direct Club:


As you can see, my bottom teeth were crowding and pushing some teeth out, forward and back. What a mess!

Heres another:


Looks like that top tooth wants to be first!


This was when I received my starter trays. You can really see each individual tooth better here.

Okay so this was then, but what about now?

After a year and only 1 more tray to go, I feel so much better about my teeth! They are easier to keep clean, they look better, and my smile is bigger and more often. I love to show them off. Wouldn’t you?





Just look at this smile:


If you don’t feel like you’re your best you, or you don’t feel confident about your smile and you don’t have thousands to pay on clear aligners, go to Smile Direct Club online and see if they will work for you! I am not paid to review them, I do not get anything from this. But I know how much better I look and feel when I feel confident and how much more successful I can be when I feel good about myself. I want you to know there are more options out there!

**UPDATE: 9/27/17 Now Smile Direct Club**


Good luck fellow pressers :-*