Journey to Becoming a CPT..Cont

Hey Pressers,

I know I haven’t written in awhile so here I am again 🙂 I have been routinely searching for a new career to put my (almost completed) degree at use, while trying to sell my car, also while planning my wedding, AND pursuing my PT Certificate. I know, it’s a ridiculous bit going on.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why am I still completing my A.A.S if I want to be a CPT?? Well, let’s be honest, when the economy goes sour would you keep your personal trainer? Probably not. Degrees and certificates are like keys. The more “keys” you hold the more doors you can open. Besides, my degree is always useful for the business end and marketing end anyways! But health & fitness is where my hear it. I just need to get started!!

I think next weekend I am going to take a fitness class. I have never taken one and I really think that will be beneficial for me to see what it is like and how the trainer teaches. I don’t know yet if I will do a PT class or a group class? I will have to look at what is available.

Now that I have updated you guys and said ‘hi’, leave comments and let me know what you’re up to!

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Peace out Pressers 😀