Healthy Snack Ideas/Recipes

Today’s #samplesunday is not a recipe, I’m sorry to disappoint! Instead, it is an idea for snacks. Most people, especially us girls, ESPECIALLY us fit girls, like to snack. Whether it’s that we get hungry throughout the day or we just deserve a little taste of something sweet, or we need a bit of crunch in our life. To keep my calories up but my bloat low, I have to snack. Eating large meals at once is not my thing. I also like to chew on things constantly so snacking works for me!

If you are similar in this way, check out my top snacks and treats below and comment to tell me what your favorite snacks are!


Yogurt & Fruit


One of my top choices, and often my pre-workout snack, is Greek yogurt and/or fruit. If I am having yogurt, I normally through some cinnamon on top and add fresh strawberries, cherries, or blueberries. If you’re not a yogurt fan, fresh fruit in general is a great snack. Add a little natural peanut butter to your fruit too!



I warn you, be careful. Not all granola is created equal. I love bear naked because the ingredients are things I know and can pronounce! Here’s a tip when looking for granola you like: 1)look at your ingredients and 2) make sure it is no more than 130-140 calories per 1/4 cups.

Protein/Fruit & Nut Bars

Yum, bars! I love bars. They are delicious, there are so many flavors, they are quick and are a great way to get my calories up. Now, be careful. Again with all things not being created equal. Pay attention to your ingredients.

My two favorite brands are Kind and Larabar. Larabars can be VERY high in calories (like 200 per bar) but it’s because they are made with dates and dates are delicious but – high in calories. Larabars have a range of flavors from Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip to Strawberry and Spinach and everything in between. Usually their bars have around 3-5 ingredients, all of which are things like: dates, apples, cashews. We all know what every single one of those are right? I love them!

Kind are great too! They have different textures, usually they have dark chocolate on the bottom with fruits, nuts, granola mixed in and a stickiness such as honey holding them together. Again, they do have a wide variety of not only flavors, but different bars generally speaking.



Nothing calms me quite like my popcorn in the evenings with a movie. I really love Boom Chicka Pop and Skinny Pop. Lately I’ve been all over BCP. This snack can be turned sweet, salty, or spicy. I like to sprinkle on cinnamon sometimes and red chili powder other times. You could melt a bit of dark chocolate and drizzle that over it too or melt some peanut butter! The possibilities with this snack are endless. You want a suggestion? Birthday Cake Popcorn. Legit. Take white chocolate, melt it and drizzle it over the popcorn, then add some colored sprinkles on top and OMG!

Ice Cream

Because who doesn’t love ice cream, right? For all of my friends having difficulties with dairy, I feel your pain. Sometimes, for ice cream, I suck it up. Halo Top and So Delicious are my two favorite brands. So Delicious I will rave about in just a moment.

My favorite Halo Top is NOT dairy free. Therefore pain comes, but that Oatmeal Cookie is to die for! When I first got the flavor, I was questioning it seriously. But first bite was amazing!

So Delicious, you guys ROCK! This brand has a wide range of nondairy products including ice cream, yogurt, and COOL WHIP! The even cooler thing? Not only are their products dairy free, but they have options of products made with cashew, almond OR soy milk! My favorite is the So Delicious Caramel Cluster with cashew milk. So…Much….Caramel!


So guys, there are my favorite snacks listed for ya. Comment and let me know what you like to snack on and/or indulge in! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @faithengenellis101 , love yall! :-*