We Bought Our First Home

I feel as if some of you are my online-family or digital-family (what up digi fam? 😎 ), therefore I feel open and moved to share details about my personal life. Yes, most of my personal life is about fitness, health, my dog, and my husband, but when small blessings happen whether career-wise, personal, etc., I feel the need to share these with you as well!

The next big blessing in our life is that we have bought our first home, we close September 21st, and from there we get the keys and it will officially be the Ellis Home. 😀 Some of you are thinking “Big deal”, and maybe to you. But we are first time home buyers and what we thought would be a fun and exciting experience, was quite quickly tarnished and developed into a stressful process we were sure to give up on. Until through hard prayer and such a blessing, this little baby showed up one afternoon, and the next day we saw it and placed our offer. But even from there we experience heightened amounts of stress.

Let’s go to the beginning, the end of May. After we were married, honeymooned, and partied..I miss our wedding!! Quick detour: we had a courthouse wedding because I hate planning and I think spending money on weddings the way people do is ridiculous. We just wanted to be husband and wife and so we gathered our closest friends and family, set a date and appointment at the courthouse, got our photographer and got married. It was so perfect. He was perfect, I was perfect, I miss it so much! Okay, back to what I was saying. After all of the fun wedding stuff, we were finally willing to commit to buying a house. Mostly my husband was, I was content on apartment living. It’s cozy to me and makes me feel like a Cosmopolitan editor or something. But part of marriage, any relationship really, is to compromise. Therefore, I told my husband if he wanted to buy a house I would get to foster with the Merit Pit Bull Foundation and add a dog in need to our household. He agreed, and so did I. I’m a good wife. 🙂

We began our process the very beginning and June and here it is September, and we are finally moving in! I guess it didn’t really take long, from June to August to find our home. The process was just stressful. Before beginning our house hunting, I figured we would not find a lot for sale. We live in a smaller city, right outside of a big city, and we have to stay in the middle because hubby’s job is in Virginia and my job is in Virginia, but he’s West and I’m East. That, in general, narrowed our search down. Plus the fact that we’re already in a small town. On a high note, I was surprised to find how much was for sale and how much was constantly being put on the market. On a low note, we were astonished at how quickly things were moving! We would see a home online, request an appointment to see it with our realtor, and boom, the next day it would be pending! Before we even get a chance to see it! This grew old so fast. One of the apps I started to use was Movoto’s and I set up an alert for anytime anything new listed, if it matched my criteria.

We learned very quickly that we needed to use the first viewing of the home wisely, critique it then and there, and decide whether or not to place an offer then and there, go home, write up our offer, and get it in for our realtor to submit ASAP. Oh, plus, we both work full time, I go to school full time, we also have a life, it was crazy busy!

There was one home we really liked, at first, until we found out what a not-very-nice-word the seller was. We made an offer, expecting the seller to counter, and she refused altogether. Later, we made a much higher offer than our previous, again expecting her to counter. She countered this time but took her asking price down $1,000 and offered to pay 0 closing costs. She was not very fun to work with. The home just was not worth it to us and she was asking almost $20,000 more than what she paid for it 5 years ago, with no updates to the home since. We were frustrated, and we decided to just move on.

A couple of weeks later, we were considering offering that same not-very-nice-word full price if she would pay full closing (which we highly doubted she would) and throw in a home warranty. As we mulled over this idea, I told my husband to give it one more day. THAT DAY our precious home was listed and our realtor emailed us. My husband was busy at work, but I looked at the home online, and I immediately loved it. I text my busy husband and told him “We have found our house.” I emailed our realtor, told him my husband was off the next morning and they had an appointment at 11a.m. to go see it. I text my husband again, still busy, and told him about the appointment and that so long as the home looked as it did in the pictures (we learned quickly how deceiving pictures can be) he needed to make an offer ASAP.

The next morning when he saw it, he didn’t text me after 30 minutes passed from the set appointment time. To me, this was a good sign. I had previously received texts from him not even 10 minutes in because was nothing like we thought or had seen! I finally text and asked “Is everything okay? You must have not ran out.” To this he replied, “We found our house babe. You were right.” My heart leapt. Was it possible we could get this home? We discussed our offer, which I think was $500 short of asking, and our realtors submitted it. We think we were the first to see it which means we were probably the first to make an offer. We were feeling pretty confident.

Until the listing agent informed us that the Sellers were out of the country with little or no contact. We started freaking out. This happened on a Tuesday, mind you. Our worst fear was that by the time they saw our offer, they could have 20 different offers to choose from. Our offer was strong, but there was the possibility of someone wanting it so bad and offering more. Here we are freaking out, and it wasn’t until Friday that we received word that they wanted to counter for full asking price. We quickly agreed and re-submitted our offer. It was accepted! We could not believe it! All we had to do was sign the paperwork to enter into the Due Diligence period. Only…the Seller’s didn’t do e-sign, therefore they were going to go in Monday morning to sign the paperwork. *sigh* Okay, so it wasn’t officially ours. Nothing tied them to this agreement currently.

We thought the appointment for them to sign was Monday morning, but time went by, our realtor hadn’t heard from the listing agent, and we were growing very nervous. By mid-afternoon, I just happened to pull the home up on Movoto. My heart fell…the listing now said “Due Diligence Period”. I called Ryan, holding back tears and keeping from yelling to tell him what I saw and that I hadn’t heard from our realtor so they must have accepted another offer. He said he would call the realtor and let me know. Less than 10 minutes later, our realtor called me and said we were now in the process and I could breath. It was on it’s way to being ours.

Now we are just a day away from signing the paperwork, and officially making this our home. We can’t wait to pack our cars full of boxes so we can head from the lawyer’s office, straight over to the house. Ryan’s excited to carry me over the threshold, and I am excited to decorate and make this house our first home.