Exercise Is Not Immortality

People are encourage to change their lifestyle and incorporate healthier food choices and longer duration of physical activity. Anyone can tell you that through these changes, chances of disease and illness lower and you become healthier, stronger, and can be expected to live longer. So what happens when the most renown faces in the fitness industry are struck with illness, disease, and health scares? Does the public become uncertain of these changes and facts? Does the person who experienced this health scare finally tell us they were wrong, fitness is not the answer and they slack off and throw their kale and sweet potatoes out the window?

Heart Attack for Renown Personal Trainer

Earlier this year, celebrity personal trainer, previously “The Biggest Loser” trainer, and a personal favorite of mine, Bob Harper, experienced a heart attack. I have done this man’s workouts, I keep up to date with him on Instagram, he is a personal favorite of mine. Not just as a trainer, but as an inspiration and a friend. His personality is realistic and his motives, other than his love for Crossfit, are similar to my own. As a person, he is really great. It was a shock to hear of his heart attack, I mean..he is so fit and healthy! After hearing this I am immediately thinking “Is living healthy even worth it?” Don’t get me wrong, personally it’s not only good for me, but it is also fun for me. But for the people motivated by the health benefits of healthy living, how will this affect their views? Will it affect Bob’s views and cause him to throw caution to the wind or regret the foundation of his life he has built?

Keep On Keeping On

No. In fact, Bob Harper is an all-time inspiration to me and to the public. This man, this fighter, not only kicks ass in his rehabilitation, but he has been finding new ways to live for health and for rehabilitating from his heart attack.

While heart attacks run in his family, healthy living lowers the risk of a heart attack. Yet, Bob still experienced one. I have to wonder, as a human, did he ever think to himself “I wasted all this time living how I was living”? If he did, you can’t tell. The man is going strong (but slowly by his doctor’s recommendations) and is taking up a Mediterranean diet (lots of fish) and other heart-healthy foods. He is readjusting his lifestyle to work for his heart and still do what he actually loves. Although he hasn’t really gotten back into his beloved Crossfit just yet, he was able to be a coach! I am inspired by his dedication and his strength to not let something like this get him down!

Take Away

The reason I shared this with you is because I want you to understand, healthy living is not a cure. Eating all the right foods and staying active will not prevent any disease or illness from ever afflicting your body. Nothing in this world can prevent the possibility of sickness or the inevitability of age and death. Exercise is NOT Immortality. Exercise and a healthy diet can lower your risk of disease and illness, but I want you to remember, that doesn’t mean it will NEVER happen to you. We have to take the best possible care we can of ourselves, and just remember to allow yourself to live a little too. Exercise and nutrition give you an inner strength and positive outlook to be able to bring yourself back when you experience the worst.

Remember, if ever you need a little motivation or someone to talk to, I am here for you. Contact me or visit me on Instagram. I sincerely want you to succeed and be healthy. :-*