Upper Body Workout-1 | Ellie’s November Box|Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting

Today is a beautiful November day! I’m so excited it is November because that means, soon, I get to do a lot of cooking and I get time off from my day job (not you guys though, I’d never take time off from ya’ll!). While you might be busy, bustling around for the holidays, you need to make time for your workouts! They need to be effective, but quick!  So I have created an upper body workout for you that can be done at home too, if you have weights (or water bottles).

Also, check out this month’s Ellie box! I was super excited with this box (so far all of them 😀 ) so I had to share, you guys know! You can still get this box and use my discount code FAITH15 for 15% off! It’d make a great gift, if not for you, for a friend!

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Okay, let’s get started!

What You’ll Need:

  • Set of Dumbbells (water bottles will work too!)

What To Do:

  • Warm Up First
  • Perform Circuit 1, rest for 30 seconds, perform Circuit 1 again, rest for 1 minute. Begin circuit 2 and follow the same rest instructions.
  • Cool Down


That’s it! You’re done with today’s workout 🙂

Let’s take a peak at what this month’s Ellie box contained!


All of the products this month are from Balance Collection. I received a white, long-sleeve pullover, leggings with cutouts, and a wrap, which is super comfy and stylish.

I’m sure my neighbors love me displaying their home as my background! One day there’s going to be a face in the window photobombing my photo.

I feel as if Ellie just keeps getting better and better. Remember, FAITH15 gets you a 15% discount. Guys, if you purchase each of these items separately, it’d be AT LEAST $60. That’s an estimate on the low-end. I bet that wrap is about $30-$40 though! Take it from me, Ellie is so worth it!

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Love Ya’ll A Latte ❤