ThredUp Unboxing | Review | Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting

Ya’ll may have read a post of mine on ThredUp a while back. If you haven’t, go check that out to learn a bit more about them. They are a really great online thrift store that offers killer brands, in great shape, at amazing prices.

Here are some of the items from the box I just received with their retail prices and what I actually paid for them:

ThredUp Unboxing


First things first, during Christmas, ThredUp adds this awesome Thrifty Things sheet that shows you how to up-cycle things such as the box, tissue paper, tags, and they even add some fun stickers. It’s a super neat way to reuse these materials for the upcoming holidays.


I only bought a few things this order, but I have one coming right behind it and a larger one behind that…sshhhh, don’t tell my husband. 😀


Retail: $24  – ThredUp: $4.99

I got this really pretty, cream-colored sweater from Mossimo. It’s very cozy and has nice details in it.


Retail: $30   – ThredUp: $6.99

The next item is this beautiful, classy black jacket with an angled zipper. I like how it zips at an angle instead of straight up. It gives it a slightly edgy look.


Retail: $24.00  – ThredUp: $8.99

Finally I bought these adorable navy blue polka dotted flats by Dexter. I wear flats quite often to the office (our floors are original wood from nearly 100 hundred years ago. Not heels-friendly).

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