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Activity trackers are becoming all the rage, whether you are an avid athlete or an average Joe, chances are you, or someone close to you, have an activity tracker. These little puppies can be use to track your steps, log your workouts, guide your breathing, even receive texts and calls. There are many varieties that can perform a few or a wide range of tasks, depending on what you will use it for.

Whether or not activity trackers are actually necessary or indeed help us to stick to our goals, is not clear and is mostly based on personal preference. Let me tell you my preference, and that is that mine helps me stay focused. If I can see in numbers what I have done so far, I am more likely to push it further and challenge myself. I wear my Fitbit pretty much all day, every day. There have been days where either I let the charge get too low and it died, or the one time my old Fitbit died and I had to wait for my new one to come in. Oh whoa was me because that my friends, that feeling is one of loss, confusion, and uncertainty. It felt like my entire time was nothing but failure.

You don’t know what you got (till it’s gone).

Day in and day out, my Fitbit Charge 2 sits very prettily on my wrist. The only time I really take it off is for a shower, to recharge it, or if I’m dressed up (like I didn’t wear it on my wedding day :’D ). Therefore, I’m used to it being there. It doesn’t feel weird, uncomfortable, or unnatural. But when it’s gone, I feel naked! My wrist feels empty and way too skinny! It’s awkward and not how my life was meant to be!

Without you, what do I do with me?

Throughout the day I will look at my tracker and challenge myself to get to a steps goal every so often and by a certain time. When my day is over, it’s off to the workout room to hit a calorie burn goal within a certain amount of time, aiming for a workout of 30 minutes to an hour. Now, without my tracker, how is this supposed to happen!? I don’t know. Therefore, I end up wandering aimlessly, staring at myself in the mirror, wondering if I am actually burning calories or working out at all. Because, let’s face it, if Fitbit isn’t telling me so, is this even reality?

Life is crazy how we become to rely on such petty things. What was once not even thought of or thought possible is now something we fully rely on.

What’s something you can’t go a day without?

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