15 Minute HIIT Upper Body | BONUS Kettlebell Workout |Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting

15 Minute HIIT Upper Body Workout

Welcome again you guys! If you haven’t been keeping up, head over to our Shop to see what’s new in posts and clothes! Before we get to the work out, let me say I really appreciate all of my readers. That is why, today I have brought you not 1, but two exercise routines to do! You have the upper body workout to work your chest, triceps, shoulders, all that good stuff! As well as a nice kettlebell workout. Enjoy and have fun!



Kettlebell Workout

We are almost there! Let’s utilize some more of our equipment and get in this awesome kettlebell quickie!


As always, thank you guys for reading and reach out if you need help, tips, advice, or are interested in a collaboration.


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