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Other than loving trying new brands, products, and working with many amazing companies – I love anything that helps me reach my health, fitness, and overall life, goals.

I was very honored to be able to work with a company in the UK, Goddess Nutrition. I first discover Goddess Nutrition via Lauren Neate, an inspiring young woman I follow on Instagram who lives with Alopecia and shines, with or without her luxurious wig.

Let’s get down to it and checkout all the products Goddess sent us!

Goddess Nutrition Product Review

First and foremost, Goddess Nutrition’s products are designed specifically for women. How cool is that?! Yes, women do train differently than men, it’s a fact! The products they sent contained preworkout, BCAA’s, and their lean protein powders, as well as a shaker cup!

Goddess Nutrition Products

In the pre-workout, I received the Blue Slush flavor, which reminds me of a blue raspberry some other companies have. It wasn’t an overpowering taste, in other words, it wasn’t overly sweet as I have experienced with some other flavors in other brands.

I definitely felt pumped up and ready to make it through my workout. I lifted heavy and completed my plan. Be aware (not beware, just Be AWARE), some pre-workouts get your blood flowing, think, those tanning lotions labelled *HOT*. They bring your blood to the surface and you can feel a sense of tingling. I like to call it electricity. This one did that to me. It doesn’t bother me though.

goddess nutrition pre-workout

In the BCAA, I got the Juicy Apple flavor, yummy! This is basically green apple. Again, it wasn’t super sweet but had a nice flavor. 2 points so far to Goddess! BCAA’s are a great way to help your body repair more quickly, build lean mass, and recover more quickly while fending off muscle soreness. This is great to sip on throughout your workout, or prior to. Since I typically take a pre-workout, my BCAA’s usually happen during my workouts.

Goddess Nutrition Protein

Gimmie all that protein!! ❤ Thank you Goddess for sending me so many flavors! Belgian Chocolate, Banana Marshmallow, Coconut Ice Cream, Strawberries and Cream, and Vanilla Milkshake. These puppies are low in sugar and carbs, gluten free, they contain vitamins and they are delicious! They are a great post-workout snack and will help your muscles recover as well. BONUS POINTS: They are delicious! These shakes do not have that weird, protein taste to them that makes your face scrunch as your struggle to down it. Even when I tried the strawberry flavor with just water, it still tasted like a MILKSHAKE! 🙂 #winning


If you want to give Goddess Nutrition a try, check out their products here. I like that they use quality ingredients and formulate specifically to our female gender. We operate differently and they appreciate that!

Have you ever tried Goddess Nutrition? Where do you buy your supplements from? Tell us in the comments below!↓


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