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There are a lot of misconceptions about women and fitness. Whether from the way we will look to the way we will feel or be able to succeed. Let’s debunk a few of the popular myths and misconceptions about women and fitness.

6 Common Misconceptions

  1. I can eat whatever I want now.

    Many women, and people in general, think that they can begin eating whatever they want when they begin working out and sticking with a designed and structured workout program. Truth: you will feel hungrier at first. Your body has to adjust to the work you are now doing and energy you are now using. Truth: you will be burning more calories. But neither of these mean that you can go out eat junk food and still produce results. Maybe a little at first if you are new to exercise, but that will quickly halt your progress. Fitness requires proper nutrition in order to gain real results.

  2. I can’t lift heavy enough.

    I have heard many women say that they can’t lift heavy enough for it to matter or make a difference in the way they look. Truth: you will have to start small. That doesn’t mean that curling 5 pounds won’t make a difference. You will be toning and constantly be increasing your reps, your weight, and your strength. Give it time, be patient, and understand that you have to start somewhere. If you do immediately go in trying to lift super heavy before you are ready, you could do damage and injure yourself.

  3. I will lose my femininity and curves.

    I know a lot of women worry about this. Granted, if you spend all of your time doing nothing but cardio, you won’t have much in the way of definition or muscle curvage. But by tossing in some stretching, yoga, resistance and weight lifting, honey your curves will only enhance and beautifully so!

  4. I will get bulky.

    Again, I know a lot of women worry about this. Girls, listen, I think this has now been proven but if you still don’t believe, just look at me and answer me this: do I look bulky? Female bodies do not produce enough of the hormones necessary to get to that level. A woman would have to lift very heavy, eat a lot, and take a supplement. Don’t worry about this happening to you.

  5. I can spot reduce.

    No sweetie, you cannot. It’s unfortunate for every one us. Each body responds different, we hold fat in different areas and lose it in different areas. First, you must lose all over body fat. You need to get down to a lower body fat percentage, then, and only then, can you target certain areas for more definition in that specific area. All of this has to happen alongside a proper diet.

  6. I can’t work one muscle every session to shape it how I want.

    Again, you can work on defining a specific area more, once you have reached a lower body fat percentage. But, if you work that same muscle every session, you are not giving it time to tear and repair. If you work a muscle, let it rest for about 48 hours, before working it again in order for it to repair and develop new, lengthened muscle.

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