Ellie Activewear | February Box Review | Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting

Hey guys! Who here loves the Love Month? I do! Mostly because I have the best husband and friends ever and I love another reason to fawn over them, but I hope too, that it encourages other people to share their love.

Ellie has shared their love with me, so now I am sharing it back to you guys with a review and a nice little discount. ❤

Ellie Activewear: February Box Review

If you haven’t seen my Unboxing Video, I suggest you do so here.

Ellie activewear subscription box

I received their 5-piece La Vie en Rose collection (Live in Pink), one of 3 different collections this month, all of which you can get in 3 pieces or 5. The 5-piece box offers 2 accessories, which is a Bally Cooling towel and an adorable black cap.

First off, I apologize for the right picture, I think I was unfocused 😀 Let me start with the cap. Usually, I hate hats of any kind! But this cap is stylish, lightweight, and so cute! It has an adjustable clip in the back too and is made of a material for whisking away sweat.

The sports bra is simple, but I really like the back how it is straight strapped and criss-crossed. It adds a nice look and feels very comfortable!

I already have a pair of leggings similar to these but in gray. They fit very nicely and have a leg detail that runs on the inner side of the calf in sheer strips. They whisk away moisture and of course, have a little pocket in the waistband for a key.

Finally, the top is a lightweight tank with a crossing pattern in the back. I am not a huge fan of this top, it’s a little too flowy for my taste (I am wearing an XS) but most people would really like this top because it flatters most body types.

And there’s that cooling towel! All you do is wet it, wring it out, and snap! It’d be great to put around your neck when you go for a run outdoors in the warmer months, or even exercise outdoors in general. I will probably end up using it for my indoor workouts as well because I get so hot.

Final Thoughts

I always think “This is my favorite box” each time I receive my Ellie Activewear, but truthfully, this month my most favorite part was the accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE this box and it’s a steal! $49.95 for all of these pieces would have only gotten you maybe the sports bra and top anywhere else. I think, thus far, last month’s was still my number 1 favorite!


Remember, if you go here and use code FAITH15 you can get your first box with 15% off! You’re saving big in general with this service you guys.  If you shop for these pieces anywhere else, they would 2 or 3 times as much! Nothing motivates my workouts like new clothes 😀



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