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You know, health is more than working out and eating right, I have preached that before. So how healthy is your sex life? Sex is healthy for your body in general, I mean, have you read what happens when you stop having sex? By all means, safe sex is healthy for your body so hump away. But now that you are eating right and working out, let’s take a look at what that means for the dirty deed.

How Fitness and Nutrition Improves Your Sex Life

  1. You Burn Extra Calories.

    You’re grinding and bumping, and huffing and puffing. It’s just like exercise right? The deed will burn those extra calories so long as you are not a lazy lover. An average “play time” lasts roughly 25 minutes. Within that time, men can burn around 100 calories, while women burn about 69 (HAH!).  I don’t know about you, but I am setting my FitBit next sesh and checking this out!

  2. You Have More Control.

    You are developing those abs, you are gaining better posture and learning body control.  What does this mean exactly? Think of it as kegels, but without actually having to do them. With your exercise, you now have more control over your muscles and pelvic floor to squeeze, hold, and pulse as you please.

  3. No Need For The Little Blue Pill.

    A healthy diet means you should be eating leafy greens, nuts, fruits and fish. These contain Arginine, an amino acid that promotes blood flow. Therefore, you should have no problem turning things “up” in the bedroom.

  4. If She Says She Has A Headache, It Means She Needs This.

    You used to hear people claim that women used “I have a headache”, as a means of saying “No” to sex before asked. But, typical of men, ya’ll do not listen very well. What we meant was and is “I have a headache and need an orgasm to cure it. Let’s have sex.” Aren’t we cute? It’s true fellas. The endorphins that sex and orgasms release are the body’s natural pain killers. So the next time your lady says she has a headache, respond with “Yes ma`am” and remove those clothes boy!

  5. Training For Go-Hard-But-Take-Your-Time.

    Sure,  you train for a marathon. To build stamina and endurance. But what about for the bedroom? Yes my fellow readers, exercise can help you “train” for sexy time with your partner. Have you ever noticed how you’re going, you’re really getting it, but suddenly – you’re tired? Workout! Work on building your endurance and stamina! It helps you out in the bedroom 😉

Is there anything else you have noticed about your sex life that have improved with proper training and nutrition? Comment below! Remember to shoot us message too if there’s something you would like to see more of on our blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more content!

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