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Convenience and ease. These make our life a little easier and fit in with our, usually, busy schedules. When you are trying to lose weight, time and preparation can hinder your progress. Therefore, I have 5 tips for you that can bump up your efforts to losing weight. Do these 5 things and you just might lose weight a little quicker. However, stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen whenever you can!

5 Tips to Weight Loss

  1. Survive Like a Fish.

    In other words, drink a lot of water. Look, water is what we are, it’s what we survive on. Water keeps our bodies performing properly just like oil to a car. I’m not saying drown yourself, but you should drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning, 30 minutes before each meal, an hour after each meal, and 30 minutes – hour before bed. If you feel hungry, drink water first, you might just be thirsty. Of course if you are working out or working in general, you should be sure you are drinking plenty of water accordingly. Not only does this fuel and fill your body, but it will naturally clean out any toxins.

  2. Get Up and Move It!

    You can’t do anything or lose anything if you’re sitting on your booty. Plus, I am convinced: sitting = flat booty. #justsayin So MOVE! I like to alternate between standing at my desk and walking in a circle!

  3. Prepare Yourself.

    Prepare your meals, prepare your snacks, prepare your kids snacks (so you don’t pick from their unhealthy options), prepare your family dinner. Set yourself up for success. Now I know you’re busy, but do this one day a week. Sign up with us and get our FREE 30 page Jump Start to Meal Prep Guide which is SO helpful, especially if you are new to meal prepping. There are recipes in there as well. 🙂

  4. Don’t Drink Your Calories.

    You would be surprised at how many calories most people drink. Between sweet tea, sodas, alcohol, juice, and everything else, it’s baffling! Do yourself a favor and STOP. You will lose weight just from this if you switched over to water, herbal tea, and black coffee. The sugar, calories, and chemicals in that other stuff is crazy, even in fruit juice!

  5. STOP watching T.V.

    I know, as a society we have bonded over the infamous #netflixandchill and #binge that has become wildly popular over this past year. But watching t.v., especially when on a binge, creates cravings, leaves us sedentary, and promotes mindless eating. Within a day, I probably watch an hour of t.v. and half that time I am actually cleaning (I like the noise). Other than that and my random binges on the weekends, I try to steer clear because I am well aware of my need to grab some Halo Top and indulge in the whole pint while trying to see how quickly I watch 13 episodes of The Punisher.

I hope these tips helps you along your journey. What are some other ways you use to lose weight more easily?

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