About Us

What Is Ladies, Lattes and Lifting?

We are a fit community of uplifting and empowering women! We have a love for building strong bodies and even stronger coffee! Led by personal trainer and fitness coach, Faith Ellis, we offer workouts, fitness and motivational coaching, recipes, product reviews, and much more.

Who Am I?

I am Faith, a certified personal trainer, Queen of at home workouts, and self-proclaimed fitness and motivational coach. I aim to create a fitness community for women and help them to reach their success and health goals. Through Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting I aspire to do just that! I am creating a community that offers a place to motivate and teach, all while bringing you the best in coaching, fitness training, and minor nutrition advice and tips.

Follow me on Instagram  and Facebook for the latest, join our Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting Facebook Group and contact me for questions, coaching, collaborations or just if you need a friend. We’re all in this together, now let’s get fit!